Insurance and social security


Professional indemnity insurance

Lawyers registered on the EU-List must cover their professional liability in Belgium by an insurance under the conditions set by the Bar Council. At present, the professional liability is collectively insured by the NOAB for its members in the amount of 2.500.000 EUR per damage event. The existence of an insurance or guarantee they concluded in their Member State of origin will be taken into account, insofar as such insurance or guarantee is obligatory according to home State rules and is equivalent in terms of coverage and modalities to the one taken out in Belgium. Where the equivalence is only partial, the Bar Council may require additional insurance or guarantee for those elements which are not covered yet by the insurance or guarantee taken out in accordance with the rules of the home Member State.

Social security

A lawyer who is established in Belgium under his home country title (i.e. is registered on the EU-List) is subject to the social security system of the place where he carries out his activities, i.e. Belgium. The social security contributions collected by the social security institutions cover the three social status sectors: pension, family allowance, and sickness and invalidity insurance. Contributions are calculated on the basis of the income of the person in his self-employed capacity, for the second-to-last fiscal year preceding the year for which the contributions are due.

Membership of the NOAB also gives entitlement to a disability insurance in case of sickness or as a result of an accident. In order to benefit from this additional insurance a medical questionnaire must be completed.

Click here to view the Prevoca-information-sheet, Precura-bar-affiliation-form and the Precura-medical information sheet.

You can find more information about the disability insurance on the Precura website (in Dutch and French).

Voluntary hospitalization insurance

As a member of the Brussels Bar (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten bij de Balie te Brussel), registered on our EU-list, you can subscribe to the voluntary hospitalization insurance negotiated by the Flemish Bar Association (Orde van Vlaamse Balies – OVB).

The premium of this voluntary insurance is not included in your membership fee.

Under this link you can find the information on this insurance, the subscription and the benefits.

For subscription or further information, you can contact the broker :

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits
Health Care Claims
Post box 34
Telephone: 03 217 55 11




A foreign lawyer who wishes to become an associated member of the Brussels Bar must provide evidence that, for the pursuit of his or her professional activities in Belgium, he or she has taken out professional liability insurance which is at least equivalent to the insurance required for Belgian lawyers registered on the Tableau. At present, the professional liability is collectively insured by the NOAB for its members in the amount of 2.500.000 EUR per damage event.

Under some conditions and subject to an additional premium, the collective professional liability insurance subscribed by the NOAB can be extended to lawyers registered on the B-list.


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