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The Brussels Bar, Dutch language section, or NOAB (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten bij de Balie te Brussel), represents Dutch-speaking lawyers in the judicial district of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.

As of 19th December 2019, NOAB had 3329 lawyer members, including 756 trainees and 294 foreign bar members.

The role of NOAB (Brussels Bar, Dutch language section)

NOAB guards the independence and ethics of lawyers.

NOAB endeavours to present lawyers in their proper light and provides efficient access to justice. You can search a lawyer in Brussels, for example, to find out more about mediation procedures and lawyers who specialise in them.

NOAB also organises training for lawyers, and is responsible for organising the Legal Aid Office (BJB) and the Institute for Continued Education (VIA-NOAB).

The role of the President

The President is the chief officer of the Bar and is pivotal in both administrative, regulatory, ethical and representative terms. He or she tries to be present at the courthouse as much as possible, daily if they can, to be at the disposal of the lawyers of the Brussels Bar.

The President investigates claims against lawyers which are submitted to him or her, and also deals with all matters which are contrary to the Code of Ethics of the Brussels Bar or the principles of dignity, discretion and righteousness that form the basis of the profession of lawyer. He or she ensures the Bar Council’s decisions are implemented.

Bar Council

The Bar Council is the executive body of the Bar. The Bar Council makes the main decisions concerning the Bar, with the President being in charge of the day-to-day workings.

The authority of the Council extends to all areas related to the profession of lawyer, either directly or indirectly.

The Bar Council decides whether to admit lawyers, both to the list of trainees and to the list of lawyers, about organising training and professional development, organising the Legal Aid Board, managing the bar’s finances, inspecting third party accounts, and fees.

The Council also organises disciplinary hearings.

Problems with a lawyer

The President of the Brussels Bar (Dutch language section) is the first point of contact in case of problems with lawyers registered at the Bar.

  • You may have a problem with honorary feesfor provided services
  • You may also have a problem with the quality of services provided

Find out more information on the page “What if I disagree with my lawyer”?

Legal Aid Office

The NOAB helps ensure easy access to justice for everyone. Anyone, irrespective of their income, can contact the Legal Aid Department for information and free initial advice with a specialised lawyer. The Legal Aid Office can appoint a lawyer for a reduced fee or free of charge to represent the interests of citizens below certain low-income thresholds.

VIA (Institute for Continued Education)

The VIA is responsible for training lawyers. Lawyers are required to attend 20 hours of continuing professional training a year. The VIA organises courses throughout the year on various aspects of law and skills of all kinds which enable lawyers to act as professionally as possible.


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