What can a lawyer do for you?

A lawyer can help you with:

  • Advice and information
  • Defending, negotiating and resolving disputes
  • Mediation

Advice and information

Lawyers can consider your questions about your legal problems and advise on them. Lawyers can keep you up to date with changes in the law as they affect your business, in terms of your work, your personal situation or other matters.

There are a number of areas in which lawyers can advise you:

  • Your work (hourly-paid or salaried staff), freelance or voluntary staff and your employers;
  • Dealings with your bank, loans, finance and investment;
  • How your business is structured in companies and contractual partnerships;
  • Tax and everything that involves;
  • Family matters, both property law and personal aspects of your marriage or partnership, such as the law of inheritance;
  • Your rights in connection with your health;
  • Your rights and obligations in society, including as a foreigner; liability of all kinds which you risk acquiring, which you wish to avoid or hold others liable for;
  • Personal and professional contracts you conclude; urban planning, civil and tax aspects of where you live, no matter whether you rent or own it;
  • Protecting your intellectual property rights and privacy

Lawyers can help you draw up contracts: contracts of employment, leases, trade leases,  transferring businesses, setting up and transferring companies, legal and financial management and asset management,…

Lawyers can assist and organise companies’ financial, property and company law transactions.

Defending, negotiating and resolving conflicts

The first task of a lawyer is trying to reconcile the parties. Lawyers guide the parties during mediation or negotiations.
Lawyers can assist or represent you and plead on your behalf in both the courts of first instance and courts of appeal, administrative tribunals, arbitration, disputes committees, etc.


Some lawyers can act as authorised mediators, possibly as part of judicial pleadings, in four kinds of cases: family law, civil, commercial and social matters.

What do lawyer-mediators do?
Mediators help the parties reach a joint conclusion and find the right solution to the conflict between them.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential procedure to resolve a conflict, with the mediator guiding the negotiations between the parties involved.

Some lawyers can act as recognised mediators. In the section below, you will find a list of approved mediators in family law, commercial and social law.

Here you can find all mediators and their contact details.

Mediation offers many benefits in family matters, including:

  • Mediation is carried out at the pace of both parties, with attention for their personalities.
  • Mediators ensure that children do not become the victims of parental conflicts.
  • The partners work out a balanced settlement by themselves, without any decisions being made that they may not want
  • Solutions that people reach by working together, provide a better guarantee for the future.

Mediation is a fast, effective and economic way of resolving conflicts.

Where can I find a lawyer mediator in family law?

Most of the accredited lawyer mediators in the judicial district of Brussels have joined forces to form the VZW Centre for lawyer mediators in family matters (CABF).

List of accredited lawyer mediators who belong to the Dutch Brussels Bar:

Mrs. Johan Billiet, Anne-Sofie D’Herde, Claudy De Ganck, An de Puydt, Marco Dubois, Henk Goegebuer, Christine Jacobs, Chantal Juliens, Anne Lefevre, Cynthia Nowé, Karin Rasschaert, Kristoff Simons, Rosa Uyttendaele, Jill Van Eecke and Brigitta Verhaeren

Where can I find a lawyer mediator in commercial law?

For a list of accredited lawyers who belong to the Dutch Brussels Bar, see below:

Mrs. Johan Billiet, Philippe Billiet, Anne-Sofie D’Herde, Helena De Backer, Astrid de Bandt, Theo De Beir, Claudy De Ganck, Bart De Moor, Charlotte De Muynck, Marco Dubois, Jan Goedhuys, Miep Grouwels, Sebastiaan Holslag, Charlotte Jacobs, Edwin Jacobs, Emmanuel Jacubowitz, Didier Raes, Jill Van Eecke, Marc Van Grimbergen,Herman Verbist, Ilse Verhelst and Jorden Wouters

These may be conflicts between individual employees, between employers and employees or ‘multi-party conflicts’ involving more than two individuals.

Where can I find a lawyer mediator in social law?

For a list of accredited lawyers who belong to the Dutch Brussels Bar, see below:

Mrs. Johan Billiet, Helena De Backer, Astrid de Bandt, Theo De Beir, Kathleen De Cuyper, Karin Rasschaert, Anne van Langendonck, Jos Vanneste and Jorden Wouters


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