CCBE Young Lawyers Contest

De CCBE organiseert volgend jaar, namelijk op 4-5 februari 2021, een nieuwe editie van haar Young Lawyers Contest. De bedoeling is het bijeenbrengen van jonge advocaten en het delen van gemeenschappelijke waarden:

“The main aim of the competition is to bring together new qualified lawyers from different European countries at a time when they are undergoing entry level training to enable them to share common values and to exchange new experiences and discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest. The project is co-funded by the Justice programme of the European Union 2014-2020 and will run in 2020 and 2021.

The Project aims to:

  • Promote a forum of discussion on European and International Law subjects.
  • Promote exchanges of experiences between the participants.
  • Obtain and spread interesting and useful theses on the chosen subject
  • Encourage the development of the critical thinking and communication skill
  • Promote and foster relationships among participants from across the European Bars represented in the competition.”


Inschrijvingen kunnen plaatsvinden tussen 10 april en 1 juli 2020. Meer informatie vindt u op


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