There is more than one way of resolving a dispute: you can reach a settlement (outside of any court proceedings), for example, or you can take the matter to court.

Mediation is one way of resolving disputes. Used in everyday language, “mediation” takes on many different meanings, but in this context it relates specifically to mediation as regulated under the law of 21 February 2005 (B.S. 22 March 2005).

With mediation, the parties call in an independent third party, the ‘mediator’, whose job consists of helping parties to find a solution themselves that is acceptable to both of them with full knowledge of the facts.

Lawyers are not the only people who can act as mediators. Chartered mediators are always specially trained, and are recognised by the Federal Mediation Committee. There are also non-authorised mediators.

More information can be found on the page Mediation.



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